Shyla  A. Herrmann, CAE

Shyla Hermann, esthetician at Valley View Dermatology.
Shyla A. Herrmann, CAE
Certified Advanced Esthetician

I am driven by the desire to help my patients feel beautiful and confident with their skin by helping them achieve their skin care goals.

‐ Shyla Herrmann , CAE


  • Certified Advanced Aesthetician
  • Nationally Certified Medical Assistant


About Shyla Herrmann

Shyla Herman joined the VVD staff in 2006, serving the local community for nearly 2 decades. 

Shyla was first drawn to dermatology due to her fascination with skin as the body’s largest and most exposed organ. In her own practice, Shyla is motivated to help each and ever patient meet their diverse skin care goals in a unique and tailored fashion. 

Outside of work, Shyla enjoys spending time with her husband (of 20 years) and three children, and she especially loves watching the outdoor sports that they participate in. Beyond these activities, Shyla appreciates spending time with her family’s many animals, hiking, fishing, relaxing at her local vineyard, and cheering for the OSU Beavers. Shyla is a certified advanced aesthetician and a nationally certified medical assistant. 

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